Are you tired of searching Facebook hacking tricks on Google?

Do you really want to learn ethical hacking without getting into any scam?
What if you get a book which will guide you step by step to be a ethical hacker?


The Book Of Hackers : The Big Black Book of White hat hackers

The only Ethical hacking guide in the market that provides in-depth knowledge about hacking from basics to advanced. Hacking is the art of creative problem solving and finding loopholes in application codes. This book will give you a basic intro about how to be a good hacker, what you should do and how to gain expertise in hacking!

Benefits you get from this book

Everybody wants to learn hacking but they just want to learn the attacks and don’t want to understand the concept behind the attack. If you want to be a great hacker you need to learn everything from basics and you should know the working concept of each and everything. This book is written keeping these things in mind. This book just not only teaches the hacking attacks but encourages the readers to learn the basic logic behind every single step taken while attacking.

Detailed tutorials that even a newbie can understand

The book is written in such a way that a person who doesn’t even know how to switch on computer will be able to learn ethical hacking. Language is way too easy.

Detailed step by step explanation of each and every attack

Each tutorial is explained in detail from root to tip, so that readers just not only learn the trick but also gets the basic logic behind the tutorial and then use it according to their use by modifying it.

No prerequisite knowledge about hacking or programming is required

There is no need for any  prerequisite knowledge about computers or any programming language. Each and every thing is explained in detail. The only thing which is required is a brain and determination to learn

Detailed examples for better understanding of different attacks and concepts

Apart from the detailed tutorials we have also added hands-on examples and exercises that are designed to teach you how to interpret the results and utilize those results in later phases.

From this book you will know about things non existent to 90% of the people in the world

This book also covers many topics in detail about which many other beginner hackers hadn’t even heard

This book is based on real truths and facts about actual real life hacking

This book teaches real life hacking, no myths, no fake software, no spam, nothing. We just want to spread knowledge as much as we can.

What else will you get?

 This book comes with an awesome collection of tools used by hackers – The Ultimate Hacker’s toolkit. This toolkit includes


A keylogger is a program which logs all your activities and keystrokes. This hacker’s toolkit comes with bunch of amazing key loggers all free and cracked.


RAT or Remote Administration Tool or in some cases Trojans are programs using which we can access any remote PC from ours. The Ultimate hackers toolkit comes with different types of Rats using which even you can control your victim’s PC.

Network scanners

Network scanner is program used for network enumberation whichis a computing activity in which user names, and info on groups, shares and services of networked computers are retrieved.

IP scanners

IP scanner is a software application designed to probe a server or host for open ports. Using this software you can find an active port on target’s machine and then can exploit the known vulnerability of the service running on that port.

Password tools

This section consist of many password cracking tools, hash crackers and much more.

Vulnerability scanners

Vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to assess computers, computer systems, networks or applications for weaknesses.


Binder is a important tool which is able to bind two or more files with each other such that if we execute one file all other binded files will also be executed.


A crypter is a very important tool which crypts the malicious definitions of a malicious program like a rat or a keylogger to protect it from keylogger.

Miscellaneous tools

Apart from tools listed above there are many amazing and important tools that are pre loaded with hacker’s toolkit.

Concepts covered in this book

Before starting learning hacking you should know what hacking is? Who a hacker is?  What hackers do? Different types of hackers, hacker’s mindset and much more.

What are the things you need to be a hacker? Attitude matters a lot, a hacker’s attitude towards every thing is very different from others. This topic will teach you how to learn hacking and how to be a master in it

You should know how hacking was evolved, even how computers were evolved from simple processors to latest super computers. This topic will give you brief introduction about history of hacking.

Famous hackers and their lifestyle, how they became so famous, what was their mindset, real personality behind them and much more about hem will be covered under this topic.

What are the common myths about hacking. This topic will reveal many big secrets of this dark world. After reading this chapter you will have a clear picture about this cyber world.

Different tools that are used while hacking attacks. This chapter will give give a detailed understanding of working and use of different hacking tools such as nmap, telnet, netcat etc. Not just using tools but also creating tools because tools don’t create hackers, hackers create tools.

Windows is the most popular OS used worldwide. This topic will cover all the loopholes and exploits in windows operating systems.

This chapter will give clear cut explanation about how wifi netowrks work, different types of password encryptions used and how to break them.

The most important tool for any hacker, it is generally termed as hacker’s best friend. This chapter will teach you how to use metasploit and backtrack, how to tools present in backtrack to pentest systems. Knowledge of metasploit and backtrack is a must have for a good hacker.

Why one should buy this book ?

The Book is the best book ever about hacking, it gives detailed information about what hacking is, how to hack, basics of hacking and some advanced level hacking. Any hacker or IT enthusiast who wants to achieve something in this field should buy this book.

Order this amazing book now and start learning ethical hacking from basics to advanced. You will learn a lot from this book. Hurry Up! Order now and you will get this book @ $99 $49 Only/-


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